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Accounting Outsourcing

Accounting outsourcing

Outsourced accounting services are the basics of our business. We are glad to see that a growing number of company heads understands all numerous advantages of such form of accounting organization at a company. In turns, we never tire of repeating that an external accountant will be useful and beneficial for any business from an individual entrepreneur to a large commercial and industrial enterprise.

Types of outsourced accounting

  • For an individual entrepreneur

    For a private entrepreneur, maintenance of accounting records is quite simple, but, unfortunately, it also takes up time. And hiring new employees for help is a costly affair. At some point a situation arises when it is necessary to go to the tax office, to pay something urgently, to prepare documents, but at the same time you are busy with your immediate business and simply cannot escape. As a result, there are lost profit, loss of reputation or punitive penalties from inspection authorities.

    We will remind you about timely payments, both to the tax office and to the counterparties, or make them ourselves at your request. We will inform you about critical legislative changes. If necessary, we will create and send an invoice or other necessary documents. We will register or re-register your new company. And all this for a small monthly pay and without the essential expenditures for personnel, office or office equipment on your part.

  • For a small company on a single tax

    As a rule, a small company with 5-10 employees can afford to hire a permanent accountant. But look the truth in the face – a small company can’t afford to hire a high-paid accountant. As a consequence, errors are possible, resulting in punitive penalties, problems related to sick leave and vacations, as well as other complications. Even if an accountant is a super professional, he/she is only one and does not have time for everything.

    When working with us, we guarantee the correct execution of documents, timely payment of all necessary payments, constant presence and assistance on all financial matters.

  • For a large company - VAT taxpayer

    A large company always has a large accounting department. In addition to the high-paid chief accountant, there are several more auxiliary ones. They are needed to calculate the salaries, account the fixed assets, issue the tax invoices, etc.

    But they always do not have enough time for everything. The company has to hire another one. And at some point, the staff of the accounting department may be larger than the sales department.

    In that situation, the accounting outsourcing is simply necessary. Firstly, at higher speeds the error cost is higher. To look at the work of the chief accountant “from the outside” is simply necessary. Is he/she doing everything right? Is it possible to optimize the processes in some way? Doesn’t he/she make serious mistakes?

    Secondly, a part of the works can be transferred to us. We can only calculate the salaries, take into account the fixed assets, etc. Due to these, we relieve your chief accountant and free up the office infrastructure for more useful application.

  • For non-profit organizations

    Non-profit organizations also need the services of an accountant. If business people are morally ready to interact with the tax authorities, then misunderstanding of all regulations of Ukrainian tax legislation and the consequences of its violation often rises in non-profit organizations.

    It seems to them that since the organization is non-profit, then there is no talk about the taxes.

    Unfortunately, that is not entirely correct. And in this case, the accounting outsourcing is the optimal choice.


As a rule, the accounting outsourcing includes the following operations: 
  • organization and management of document circulation: processing and organizing the primary documentation (acts, accounts, invoices, tax invoices, bank statements, cash orders, etc.);
  • calculation and execution of payments to individuals, salaries to employees, contractors, suppliers and customers.
  • preparation and submission of reports to all necessary authorities;
  • calculation of the company’s operating results (cost of goods/services, calculation of equipment depreciation, etc.);
  • support during the tax inspection;
  • consultations on financial and accounting issues that arise in the course of the company’s activities.
  • reconstruction of accounting of a legal entity;
  • courier services.