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Accounting Outsourcing


Starting point for pricing:

Our services are cheaper by at least 30-40% than a salary of a qualified accountant (accountants) who performs or can perform such work when he/she is hired for a permanent job.

Cost of an in-house accountant is 100%

Cost of outsourcing is 60%

Basic tariffs for legal entities and individuals are listed in the tables

For legal entities

Taxation type VAT Cost, UAH/month
General system VAT inclusive 9000
VAT exclusive 5000
Simplified system VAT inclusive 8000
VAT exclusive 3000

For individuals

Taxation type  VAT inclusive Cost, UAH/month
General system VAT inclusive 8000
VAT exclusive 5000
Simplified system VAT inclusive 7000
VAT exclusive 3000


The cost of services may vary in one direction or another depending upon the following factors:
  • Volume of company document circulation
  • Type of ownership
  • Number of business activities
  • Number of employees
Three main forms of pricing:
  • Monthly fee

We evaluate your document circulation and the number of transactions at your company. We agree on a fixed amount of monthly (or quarterly) payment. It is suitable for a company of any size with an even-keeled business.

  • One-time payment

We study the structure of your company in the same way, but you contact us only in case of necessity and pay for a specific service (consultation, report preparation, audit of the activities of your in-house accountant). Knowing the specifics of your business, it will not take us long. It is suitable for companies and entrepreneurs who are just starting work or whose business is seasonal.

  • Payment for conducted works

At the moment, it is considered the most convenient type of cooperation. You pay for our services for the actually conducted works, the documents taken into account and the provided consultations. It is optimal for companies with poorly predictable or seasonal business. During a crisis, which, unfortunately, has affected us all, this service is also in demand, since the number of transactions decreases month by month and this makes it possible to reduce the accounting costs along with a reduction in turnover.