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Accounting Outsourcing


“Spectr Service” provides a full range of services associated with outsourcing accounting in Kyiv.

Under conditions in which the modern economy exists, any company needs to form a course for a continual improvement of its economic efficiency. Therefore, a growing number of owners of small and medium businesses understands that for this it is necessary to involve professional accounting firms. The same changes in accounting approaches are taking place in global business practices: even huge international companies prefer to transfer their maintenance of accounting records to specialized organizations. Accounting outsourcing is an optimal solution for businessmen of any level, which is based on the following undeniable advantages:

1. Cost reduction of company

Creation of an accounting department as a permanent structural unit requires significant funds, such as:

  • Payment for work of department employees and social security contributions related thereto (medical sick-leave certificates, maternity benefits);
  • Renting of additional office space;
  • Office equipment and consumables used with them;
  • Software and the need of its regular feature updates (1C at least);
  • Communications and Internet;
  • Seminars, constant training, specialized periodicals;
  • Electronic keys for report submission to tax office.

If a professional accounting firm is involved, the business leader pays only for specific services, without going into details.

2. High qualification of specialists

A complete impression of professional attributes of a candidate for an accountant position is impossible to form during an initial interview. There is a risk of hiring an unqualified specialist.

If maintenance of accounting records is outsourced, such problems disappear. Cooperation with highly qualified specialists is established. A customer-company gains access to proven advanced technologies of maintenance of accounting records, as well as a full range of accounting services, which includes professional consulting of the company’s specialists on taxation and legal issues.

Only we file your accounts in due time and without errors. Unlike an in-house accountant, even if our specialist is ill or on vacation leave, the work on your accounting reporting will not stop, it will be continued by our other accountant!

3. Liability insurance as a guarantee of qualitative results

Our customers are fully confident in a professional approach to implementation and successful completion of actions. The financial liability of “Spectr Service” makes the accounting outsourcing service to be in demand and guarantees a qualitative result.

A rapid response to innovations in the legislative framework, quality control of the tax accounting, multiple checks of the results of the outsourcing accounting services make it possible to minimize the risk of inaccuracies and errors during the reporting preparation.

4. Assurances of confidentiality

Maintenance of confidentiality is one of the main advantages of the outsourcing accounting. We bear responsibility for this, which is also contractually enshrined. The employees of our company do not discuss the client matters with their friends and relatives, unlike the in-house accountants.